The Barefoot Masseuse Bodywork, Glass Art, and Sundries

Welcome to the website for Woodburn, Oregon massage therapist Cat DeMira, LMT!  (Formerly Karin Meacham, LMT -- new name, same great massage.)  Thanks for visiting.  If you’re looking for a professional massage therapist, you’ve come to the right place.  And, no -- "barefoot" is my lifestyle, not my style of bodywork.  :-)


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Here's what others have said about my work:

"Karin is a wonderful LMT.  She is professional and personable, and is sure to communicate with you about how she can best meet your needs.  I came out of a one hour massage incredibly relaxed and feeling like the knots in my back and neck were gone.  I highly recommend her!"   -- anonymous, 7/17/2011

"Karin used techniques that actually worked!  I felt great walking out of the appointment.  I also liked the scale she used to address comfort/pain levels."   -- anonymous, 11/15/2010

"Seeing Karin made my shoulder and leg feel much better.  I would recommend everyone see Karin for all your muscle pain."   -- K.K., 2/9/2011

"Karin is great.  Her primary concern is for the well-being of her client.  I strongly recommend that you try her... anyone from young athletes to the elderly will benefit from her adaptable approach."   -- anonymous, 5/12/11

I've had several massages in the last 10 years & Karin is as good as it gets.  Every month I look forward to my appointment as I know I will get the best massage & professional experience from Karin.  I highly recommend using Karin—whether it’s just stress relief or relaxation, period: she never disappoints.  Thank you Karin.  Sincerely, Lee Koch.  -- 8/31/2011

 Over the last 2-3 years, my lower back has a tendency to "lock up". I have gone to Karin in the past for relief. This most recent time it locked up, I went to the doctor thinking it must be something that needed to be permenantly fixed. The doctor indicated I likely had arthritus in my back and prescribed muscle relaxers that of course did not work. I resorted to my "fall back"...Karin. Once again, she was the only thing that FIXED my lower back. She described what she thought I have wrong with my joints and manuevered by back and by the following morning I was once again pain free. She indicated she could relate to me, as she has gone through the same problem in the past. She offered advice and was straight forward with the possibilities of the remedies for future relief. In the future when my back "locks", I will again be in the hands of Karin!! I would recommend Karin to anyone needing pain relief or just relaxation time! Thanks again Karin...your are my hero! ;) -- anonymous, 2/17/2012


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NOTE: Because of HIPAA confidentiality requirements, clients cannot be identified without their permission.  All testimonials are real, but names or initials are given only if the clients themselves have provided them.